Securstore full review

Securstore review

The purpose of backing up your data is to protect yourself in the event of a data-loss disaster. But if your backups are stored in the same building as your source data, you're only covered against a limited number of problems. A fire, flood or theft could permanently remove all copies of your data. See all: Utilities reviews.

This is one reason why some companies are turning to off-site backups over the internet. Such cloud solutions should keep all your data out of harm's way and safe. Securstore is a company that sells such a service. See also: storage software reviews.

The Securstore backup solution is a cloud-based system using software from Canada-headquartered specialist Asigra Inc. The software itself is listed as secure according to optional ISO/IEC 27001 certification, guidelines issued for information security management systems (ISMS). Take a look at Backup software reviews too.

It also means that the company has been (and can be at any time) audited to ensure it is employing best practice measures for data security.

Your data is of course encrypted in Securstore's colocation site in Maidenhead and should be well protected from intrusion attempts into its network. Securstore also duplicates its backup of your data to a second undisclosed site, but also in the UK.

The software you actually use for Securstore's service is Asigra Cloud Backup, which comes in two main flavours. The first is the server software which you install on your network's main server.

The setup for this is a little fiddly with various encryption certificates and encryption keys required.

However, any questions you have should be answered by the company's telephone support team who will guide you through the initial setup process.

Once you have the server software installed you can either backup data stored on the server itself or backup computers across the local network.

This is a point of which Securstore is proud. The ability to backup any system connected to your LAN from a single point of access on the server reduces the number of places that can access your cloud backup data.

This is good for security; however, it's also the case with many companies that laptops spend much time away from the local network, yet still need to be regularly backed up.

For this there is client software for Mac and Windows systems, which you backup mobile devices over the internet, from wherever they are.

Encryption of the data connection and transmission can be up to AES 256. To ensure encryption keys are secure as possible Securstore can send you a cheatsheet for creating good ones.

Once the software is setup the software is easy to use and streamlined to make the basic backup jobs simple. There is also a plethora of advanced options for customisation, too numerous to count.

We tested Securstore's service by performing backups over our fibre-optic connection. The high upload speeds offered by fibre optic should show up slowdown on the server side. Results showed good upload performance.

The data backups both from a local machine and remotely over the LAN uploaded at 16 Mb/s, which is the stated bandwidth of our fibre connection. This was even the case when the master computer was backing up a local system on the LAN and both the master and local computer were on a wireless network.

The download speeds for recovery were equally impressive. Our internet connection generally tops out at 56 Mb/s; the download rate for recovery data streamed down at 55 Mb/s. Even though the backups are stored on servers in compressed form there seemed to be no delay for storage or retrieval of data.

Securstore review


Securstore: Specs

  • Works with client PCs running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Hyper-V
  • iOS and Android devices