SoundDec DualTune Radio full review

If you're going to a major sporting event this year and you want to be kept informed of what the television cameras can see, but you can't, then SoundDec's DualTune Radio could be just what you need. See all audio reviews.

In short, SoundDec's DualTune Radio brings you live television/radio commentary right into your ear at a major sporting event. Current events that offer SoundDec technology are international cricket, rugby, snooker, motorsport, the 2012 Olympics and many more. SoundDec even offers RefTalk radio at major Rugby games so you can hear exactly what's happening on the pitch via the ref's microphone. Visit JBL On Tour Micro review.

The SoundDec DualTune is a nifty little earpiece to carry to a sports event. It comes with a built-in ear grip to ensure it sits solidly on your ear and is lightweight enough to remain comfy for several hours of a sport spectating.  However, if you do have sensitive ears, the reversible ear clasp allows you to switch ears anytime you like (or block out an annoying fan's voice on one side). The thoughtful chaps at SoundDec even package the DualTune with a neck strap, so you don't have to worry about losing it if it does fall off your ear. Go to Group test: what's the best audio accessory?.

Using the device couldn't be simpler. It has a volume dial on the side which doubles up at the on/off switch. Operation of the radio is straight forward too. There are two physical buttons and an LCD screen to flick through the 16 short range channels that are available on the DualTune. It even doubles up at an FM radio, which can be enabled by holding down the two physical buttons for a couple of seconds.

SoundDec DualTune Radio reviewDualTune Radio

Audio quality is more that acceptable for a live sports event. We tested the DualTune at a Cricket match, and although the atmosphere was reminiscent of an Old Firm derby, the sound came through loud and clear, with the the prospect of having to reach the radio's maximum volume never being anywhere close to an issue.

There can be no complaints with regards to the battery life either. It comes fitted with a circular CR2450 battery that will power the DualTune for approximately 35+ hours. You can buy a replacement for between £2-£3.

It may not be the most  high-tech device on the shelves, but it's functional, easy to use and, for the price, it has to be considered as a bit of a bargain.


SoundDec DualTune Radio: Specs

  • 16 local broadcast frequencies
  • Built-in FM radio
  • LCD display
  • 35-hour battery life