KTM-01 full review

As you can see, this radio needs absolutely no introduction. It simply screams its presence. Then again, that's sort of the point. It's a limited-edition version of a fairly standard Intempo DAB radio that's been given a makeover by the fashion designer Matthew Williamson. It's being sold primarily through John Lewis, with proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation for children with life-threatening illnesses.

We applaud the cause and, having lived with it for a couple of weeks, have learned not to yelp whenever it catches our eyes. Even the timid boys at PCA Towers have (almost) got used to it.
You can program in eight different stations - four DAB and four FM stations. Options such as DAB/FM, Alarm and Sleep are self-explanatory, but the AT button's function is less clear. It turns out to be one of the most important: the auto-tuner, which seeks out digital broadcasts for you.

DAB transmitters have been putting out strengthened signals in recent months so if you could get only a few stations a year or so ago - or even none at all - you're likely to have a good selection by now.

You can cycle up or down through an alphabetical list of available stations, with a brief description of content displayed.

Like the peacock-feather livery, the sound is OTT, going from near-silence to ear-bleeding volume with little between. Great for a sound-proofed teenage bedroom, perhaps.


KTM-01: Specs

  • Digital radio with alarm clock, sleep, snooze, FM and DAB modes
  • 8-channel station presets
  • built-in 2W stereo speakers
  • LCD information screen
  • headphone jack
  • powered via mains or 6x C cell battery (not provided)
  • 250x102x160mm (excluding handle)