Connects2 Aux Adapter full review


Once upon a time, having a CD player in your car was the Holy Grail of car stereos. These days the short-lived 'Holy Grail' of a CD player has been replaced by the understated and versatile aux input. If you're one of the unfortunate people who has a car that only has a CD player, then your options were a bit limited as to how you could play your MP3s through your car speakers. See all audio reviews.

That's where the Connects2 Aux Adapter comes in. Providing your car is stereo is CD changer compatible, the Connect2 Aux Adapter offers an affordable way of adding a wired 3.5mm jack to your car stereo, without a clunky radio transmitter in sight. Take a look at Belkin TuneCast Auto for iPod and iPhone.

In very basic terms, the Connect2 Aux Adapter converts your MP3 player's output to the same audio format that the CD changer would transmit to the car stereo. So with the Connect2 Aux Adapter installed, all you need to do is plug in your iPod or any MP3 player, select your CD changer function on your car stereo, then press play on your MP3 player. With the click of a putton you have a faultless aux input.

The task of fitting the Connect2 Aux Adapter may seem daunting to people who are not familiar with fiddling with car stereos, but the installation really couldn't be easier. You simply pull out your existing car stereo, hook up the Connect2 Aux Adapter to the CD changer port (there should only be one hole that it fits), and then connect the provided 3.5mm lead to your MP3 player. That's it.

The only tricky bits throughout the whole installation is initially removing the stereo and then finding a comfortable place for the aux jack to exit your cars dashboard. There is no right or wrong way or place to do this, it's something you have to try and find for yourself. From our personal experience of fitting the Connect2 Aux Adapter, we found that the small box was able to sit nicely just below the car stereo and with a little effort we were able to thread the 3.5mm lead through a gap in the dashboard, which left a neat and tidy entertainment unit. Installation of the Connect2 Aux Adapter took less than two minutes, which is hugely impressive considering it takes just as long to set up a MP3 radio transmitters every time you want to use them.

Perhaps the most important area of how the Connect2 Aux Adapter should be judged is the product's sound quality. The main reason that the radio transmitters have never really been really successful is because the clarity of the audio was always iffy at best. Thankfully the Connect2 Aux Adapter is wired, therefore minimal audio quality is lost. During testing we listened to a few hours worth of pretty eclectic music - ranging from Kenny Rogers, to Ray Charles, to The Pogues - and we were pleasantly surprised and the clarity of the vocals and the thud of the bass. In short, if you have a good stereo then the Connect2 Aux Adapter won't leave you wanting for much in terms of audio quality.

Last but not least, is the price. At £30 it's not exactly dirt cheap, but at the same time it makes it a very affordable option for what it brings to the table. It's a little bit pricier than the average radio transmitters, but the Connect2 Aux Adapter wins overtime in terms of ease of use and audio quality. You pay for what you get.


Connects2 Aux Adapter: Specs

  • Car stereo must be CD changer compatible