The Carphone Warehouse launched its Music Anywhere service, which is similar in concept to Apple’s iCloud.

The service, which is subject to a £29.99 annual subscription fee, trawls your hard drive and recognises the files already saved on their PC. It then allows you to listen them on any iOS, Android or BlackBerry device that has the free Music Anywhere app on it.

The software downloads the 500 most-played tracks to the device so they can be accessed even when there isn’t a net connection.

Using the software you can create playlists of tracks from your music library and even discover song lyrics and rate their favourite tracks. Tracks are streamed as AAC files at either 64/128kbps on mobiles, depending upon the connection. This is the equivalent audio quality to MP3s streamed at 128 or 256kbps.


This is a goos service for MP3 hoarders who want to enjoy their entire collection on the move.