Asus VX239H-W full review

Asus VX239H-W review

The bright white casing of the Asus VX239H-W – which is also available in black – lets this display from Asus stand out from the crowd. Combined with its frameless design and ultra-thin bezel this is sure to brighten up any desktop, offering a lifestyle-oriented design which is huge visible improvement over the dark, chunky pieces of IT equipment to which you may be more familiar. See all display reviews.

Connection options are flexible, with dual HDMI ports, both of which also offer MHL, in addition to a standard VGA connector. See what's the best display?

The use of an external power supply here helps keep the display panel as slim as possible from top to bottom, despite the inclusion of a pair of stereo speakers which can be driven via the HDMI inputs or the analogue PC audio connector. A headphone jack is also provided for personal listening.

No VESA mount is provided on this display, so you won't be able to attach it to a monitor arm or wall mount.

Uniquely, this display features touch-sensitive controls. These take the form of a row of raised bumps below the legends at the bottom right of the frame and are surely intended to evoke a premium feel – however we found them to be somewhat fiddly in use and would have preferred the feedback of a positive click. That may have avoided many of the accidental and incorrect inputs we encountered while using this display.

It's a 23in model featuring an IPS panel which delivers the wide viewing angles and great colour reproduction you would expect from the technology.

The Asus VX239H-W performed well in our tests, with decent contrast and solid colour reproduction, but wasn't quite up to the standard of the AOC i2369Vm which delivered better overall uniformity and more accurate tone response.

The main drawback of the VX239H-W has to be the price. It looks good and performs well, but you can get equal or better performance while spending significantly less than the £170 that it currently costs.


Asus VX239H-W: Specs

  • Size: 23inVisible screen diagonal (cm): 58.4Panel technology: AH-IPSAspect ratio: 16:9Screen finish: mattResolution (pixel): 1920 x 1080Pixel density (ppi): 96Measure checkerboard contrast ratio: 560Measured maximum brightness (cd/m2): 197sRGB gamut (%): 96Adobe RGB gamut (%): 75
  • Colour accuracy avg (delta-E): 1.13
  • Stand Tilt: -5/20 degrees
  • Video Inputs: VGA, 2x HDMI/MHL
  • Connector orientation: horizontal
  • USB: N
  • Speakers: , amp stereo, headphone jack
  • Audio inputs: HDMI/analogue
  • Other features: external PSU
  • Overall size (whd): 532 x 390 x 210
  • Power consumption max/120 cd/m^2 (watt): 22 / 16
  • Bezel type: Frameless
  • Cable management: N
  • Button type: touch sensitive
  • Rated response time: 5 ms GtG
  • Rated viewing angles H/V: 178 / 178
  • VESA mount: N
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Warranty: 3 years

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