Take Microsoft's OneNote note-taking program, put it on the web, add lots of cool collaborative tools and make it free—and you'd have something resembling AdventNet's Zoho Notebook.

Like OneNote, Zoho Notebook allows you to organise multiple-page on-screen binders that include information such as text, graphics, audio, video, and embeddedweb content. We especially like how an entire notebook page can behave as a text document or a spreadsheet, complete with Office-like editing tools from AdventNet's other services.

Zoho Notebook's features outshine those in OneNote (and in Google Notebook, a web-based rival). You can share a whole notebook, individual pages, or specific objects (such as images), and you can grant colleagues either editing or read-only privileges. It even gives you a built-in chat window.

This beta doesn't have a few common features, such as a search capability. Also, the program lacks documentation (such as, how to use a handy Firefox extension for clipping content from other sites). Zoho says that search and help may be up by the time you read this. But even as is, Zoho Notebook is worth checking out.

Zoho Notebook: Specs

  • Internet connection
  • Internet connection


It's still a beta and a few kinks need to be ironed out, but we love Zoho Notebook. It's a free tool that will improve your working life.