Zen Internet is a broadband ISP with decent speeds and the option to sign up for only a month.

We didn’t get quite enough feedback about Zen Internet in our recent Broadband Survey to be able to produce a full report card and star ratings based on how well their customers think they’re doing. However, what you did tell us was that you were uniformly on broadband subscriptions offering between 5 and 8Mbps connections and were getting close to or not far off the speeds you were expecting. The fact you only need to sign up for a month-long contract appealed to many customers.

Fewer than average Zen Internet users make use of online streaming services such as BBC iPlayer (61 percent), but online shopping was almost universally enjoyed. Skype, instant messaging and social networking were less likely to distract the Zen Internet customer – most users were busily surfing the web and using it as a tool for research and education. We can only applaud that.

Of the comments we received about connection reliability and customer service, a positive picture emerged. Although predominantly favoured by Windows users, nearly a quarter were Mac owners using Zen’s services to get online, so it was great to hear that as well as being well-briefed in technical aspects of broadband, they ably  support their loyal Mac userbase too.

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Zen scores well for reliability, speed and customer service. It's not the cheapest ISP, but it's well worth a look.