Reflecting its role as the biggest UK broadband ISP, Virgin Media turned out to be used by more survey respondents than any other. Originally a cable-broadband company, Virgin Media has expanded its territory over the past five years by offering ADSL connections in areas where cable isn’t available.

Fifteen percent of survey users told us their broadband service is of this type rather than cable. Cable is an uncontended connection, so you aren’t competing with other customers for bandwidth. As a result, customers report that their connections usually match their expectations, with 42 percent stating the service approaches the advertised speed.

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Satisfaction figures for Virgin Media broadband customers are very high. Overall, it polls 94 percent for overall satisfaction. For cable-only users this rises to 95.6 percent. Most customers are on an 8 to 12Mbps connection or enjoy 20Mbps broadband, but as a bundled deal the overall cost of TV, phone and broadband comes in at £30 a month or more.

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Virgin Media: Specs

  • Landline or cable connection, Virgin Media account
  • Landline or cable connection, Virgin Media account


Given the generous download limits and the good-value bundle of TV, telephone and broadband, it is no surprise to find more than 30 percent of current Virgin Media customers couldn’t think of a single reason they might switch ISP. Connection speeds get a positive 81 percent of favourable feedback and 84 percent are happy with the reliability of their web connection. When problems arose, things are less rosy. Most people said they are ‘satisfied’ with this aspect, but overall only 65 percent are happy.