Tiscali has been under the umbrella of TalkTalk for three years and no longer accepts new customers. However, lots of users remain customers of the service, which still carries its original name.

Almost all Tiscali users have 5 to 8Mbps connection rates, with a 40GB-per-month download limit and a landline telephone contract bolted on. The average monthly contract costs £15 to £20, with 50 percent of Tiscali customers also getting their phone service this way. In the past, Tiscali users also enjoyed HomeChoice, the country’s first IPTV service, but this is no more. Instead, a third now make use of BBC iPlayer and other webcast services. Most customers spend between 10 and 20 hours a week online – a noticeably lower figure than customers of most other ISPs quoted. A solid 30 percent are heavy web users, though.

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A reasonable 12 percent of Tiscali/TalkTalk users depend on its security software. Most Tiscali/TalkTalk customers share the home web connection with one or two laptops or desktop PCs.

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Tiscali: Specs

  • Landline, Tiscali account
  • Landline, Tiscali account


Overall satisfaction is just over 84 percent, with customer support a weakness and lack of clarity over terms and conditions also criticised. Measured download speeds based on our speed test presented a curious mix of extremely good and extremely slow. Just over half of Tiscali/TalkTalk customers said they would actively recommend the service, which perhaps reflects this ISP’s mixed performance.