Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication full review

Teaching kids maths can be fun, really. Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication is a great little iPhone/iPad and Android app that makes learning times tables a fun activity. See also: Operation Math review

At a basic level the game goes through the times tables from 1 to 12, asking for answers: 3 x 3 =, 6 x 2 =, etc.

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It’s suitable for children at primary school, aged 5-12 with the emphasis on the lower end of that age group.

Times Tables maths app Squeebles iPhone

The game part of Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication is to help the friendly character Whizz rescue the Squeebles from the nasty Maths Monster.

When you answer all 12 questions for each times table the Maths Monster releases a Squeeble (a little Moshling-like creature) for kids to collect.

Times Tables maths app Squeebles collect

Children love games rewards and there are 24 Squeebles to rescue, plus 42 medals, six background themes and tons of trophies and stars.

When the child has mastered the times tables he or she can play in the Mix It Up mode, which randomises 12 questions from all the 1-12 tables – with Easy and Hard modes available.

Times Tables maths app Squeebles iphone android app

One very neat feature is the Tricky Tables mode, which remembers when a question is answered incorrectly. The child can be therefore be tested on the tables they found difficult. Once they get a "Tricky Table" right, the question is removed.

Another spin is the Tables Reversed mode, which gives the player the answer and asks that he or she fill in the gap; for example 8 x ? = 56.

Up to four user profiles can be created on any one device, so if you have more than one child learning their tables they can progress independently of each other at their own pace.

Times Tables maths app Squeebles iphone android app

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