In return for £2, BlackBerry App Shozu offers to connect to a spectacularly long list of social networking sites.

All the major ones are covered by Shozu - you can check Facebook, change your status on Twitter and upload photos to both Flickr and Picasa's web galleries.

Shozu's integration with each service is excellent - most, including Facebook and Flickr, require you to click a link in your email to authorise the application to access your data. It's a necessary security step that should reassure you your data isn't going to be left open to everyone on the internet.

Uploading images to Shozu is a snap, although it naturally depends on the strength of your data signal. It's much easier, for instance, than trying to navigate to the pictures folder on your phone from the web browser. Alternatively, if you want to send a picture or video to a specific person, you can opt to email it instead.

Shozu works fantastically as an all-in-one social networking application. It has wider publishing capabilities as well. It can connect to WordPress, Google's Blogger service, and Microsoft's Live Journal. And, if the news is unfolding in front of you, you can connect directly to citizen journalist sites such as the BBC, or CNN's Exchange site, plus Reuters and

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Shozu: Specs

  • Compatible BlackBerry handset, internet connection
  • Compatible BlackBerry handset, internet connection


If you rely on keeping people up to date, or you use social networking as a marketing tool, being able to update dozens of sites from one application, Shozu's price is well worth it.