RadiusIM relies on location-based features to differentiate it from other web-based instant-messaging services. It offers access to key IM services such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Talk, and it lets you search for other RadiusIM users based on their location.

RadiusIM can't yet be all that popular in the UK, as it failed to find any fellow surfers for us in deepest, darkest, er, central London. But stick with RadiusIM, as it could be a winner.

But before you can use RadiusIM, you have to register. Although the process isn't onerous (you must supply an email address, a birth date, a post code and your country), it does make the service slower to use the first time than some competitors.

After completing the initial RadiusIM registration, you can choose to have RadiusIM connect you to your IM accounts automatically when you log in.

Like Meebo, RadiusIM has a nice, clean, ad-free web interface. Your buddy list appears in a window on the right side of the RadiusIM page.

Although you can move the window anywhere within the RadiusIM web page, you can't undock it from the page. You can log on to any number of the services that RadiusIM supports at one time.

Options include AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN and Yahoo. RadiusIM groups your buddy list according to each service, which simplifies navigation.

Messages appear in pop-up windows on the page and can't be undocked, which might frustrate some RadiusIM users. You get a time-stamp on messages, but the service doesn't provide a typing indicator to let you know whether your contacts are responding to your messages. (RadiusIM plans to add this feature in a future release.)

RadiusIM - make friends instantly

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