As with O2, Orange offers a deal whereby landline and mobile phone or mobile phone subscriptions bought as a package are discounted.

Surprisingly, only 1 percent of Orange customers reported that they are signed up to the 3G and fixed-line broadband deal – though a small but significant 1.8 percent of all survey respondents said they use mobile broadband instead of having a fixed-line broadband subscription at all. Vodafone is second after Orange in the mobile-broadband stakes for popularity, with Virgin and 3 networks also factoring here.

Orange Broadband customers pay an average of £15 a month for a 5 to 8Mbps connection that is primarily used for online shopping, YouTube, Facebook and BBC iPlayer. Orange customers are more likely to be Mac owners than is the case with most of the big ISPs.

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Customers give the Orange Broadband service a thumbs-up overall, with an 86 percent satisfaction rating and 83 percent connection reliability. Most people are long-term customers too. When Wanadoo Broadband was bought out by Orange in 2006 (with some painful switchover issues), many customers decided to wait and see what would happen in the longer term.

Although plenty of people are still sitting on the fence about the current state of affairs, there are a fair number of customer comments attesting that Orange is “fine when it works, but customer service is dreadful when you need to call upon it”.

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Orange Broadband: Specs

  • Landline, Orange account
  • Landline, Orange account


In fact, whole-hearted recommendations for Orange broadband are lower than most at just 65 percent, with customer support flagged as a real bugbear. A number of users said a “hassle-free” migration process would see them jump ship.