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What’s the world’s biggest numbers game? Bingo. So Math Bingo makes a lot of sense as an educational maths app for kids aged 5-12 – even if traditional Bingo is played by old ladies.

Help your child learn to add up, subtract, multiply and divide using the simple game of Bingo. See also Operation Math review and Times Tables app review

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The player is set 25 questions to answer as quickly as possible, with a timer at the foot of the game screen. These can be by addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or a mixture of the four maths equation types. It’s handy that you can choose so that Math Bingo can be played to the child’s level of maths knowledge.

As the questions are correctly answered a cute alien bug thing fills the space.

The timer keeps going until all squares are complete. This is better for some than a clock ticking down (as in maths spy game Operation Math), which can freak some children out with the tension.

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To master basic maths children need to memorise simple addition, multiplication etc so Math Bingo helps by pushing the player to learn pretty much through repetition. Answer 7 x 6 enough times you the answer (to life, the universe and everything… 42) gets stuck in your head in the end.

Bingo is an easy game to grasp so there’s not much in the way of the child using all their brain on the maths questions being fired at hem by the game.

Math Bingo also includes some other fun games included: Bug Bungee and Bingo Bugs, as some light relief from all those numbers.

Math Bingo bug extra games

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