LogMeIn full review

You’ve probably heard of LogMeIn. It’s the Windows, Mac, Android and iOS service and software that allows you to connect to your computer across the Internet. Like a souped up version of Remote Desktop, LogMeIn recently released a free tool for iOS - making it a much more inviting app all round.

Our love of the original, desktop LogMeIn has been tested of late, with a series of similar tools competing for its crown. TeamViewer shares many of LogMeIn’s remote access features, while LAN streaming tools like VLCStreamer and SplashTop have pioneered higher resolution desktop access. Good enough to stream video to your iPad. Download LogMeIn (Free).

Now LogMeIn is set to upset all those developers with a new iteration of their subscription based Pro service. It now features HD video streaming and support for music streaming from a remote host, over the Internet. That’s right - the Internet, not a LAN. The Pro service costs about £44 a year. For owners of the new iPad - or any iPad - that’s a tempting offer.

In addition, LogMeIn Pro gives you access to all the applications on your desktop computer and all its files while you’re out and about. LogMeIn gives you remote and direct access to your desktop and file access through its own file manager.

In addition to all this, LogMeIn enables you to easily share your desktop with other people. You just invite them by email to grant them temporary access.

Buying Advice

Though dedicated tools like VLC Streamer (a paltry £1.49 on the App Store) stream video too, they only do it locally. HD Video is a pretty giant leap forward for LogMeIn Pro.


LogMeIn: Specs

  • HD quality
  • remote control
  • Mobile access
  • File transfer
  • Remote print