iDrive full review

iDrive takes a slightly different approach to online backup. For a start, it’s actually a hybrid of web archiving and a recovery drive.

Bought direct from iDrive (but delivered for free only to US customers), the iDrive Rapid Serve allows reinstallation of several gigabytes of critical data. The idea here is that should something dreadful happen to your business files – theft, unlawful access or loss due to an office fire, for example – you won’t be left without copies of those files for long.

iDrive boldly claims that once an account has been set up just two clicks are needed in order to initiate a backup or file recovery.

For business owners with a database-driven webstore at stake – or other constantly changing information sources such as email servers and day ledgers – there’s a ‘hot backup’ option too. A Windows-like interface is offered by iDrive, whereas the likes of BT and Mozy offer far friendlier faces to the world. As a result the service is not immediately obvious as a home user option, but the pricing is good.

A 30-day free trial allowing the backup of unlimited quantities of data then seques into a $49.50 per year business-grade service. However, there’s also a free 5GB archive and a choice of 150GB per month per PC for $4.95 or a Family Pack offering 500GB split across multiple PCs for £14.95 per month.

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