FastHosts Online Backup full review

FastHosts Online Backup is a useful backup service, primarily aimed at businesses.

FastHosts Online Backup offers a 30-day trial of its Online Backup service and provides a useful ready reckoner for costs on its home page. Slide along and you’ll find a hefty 250GB online archive costs a fairly modest £45 a month on a year-long contract or £49.50 for a single month’s storage.

You get a good deal of control over what’s uploaded to the archive too. Automatic synchronisation of complete PC hard drives is possible, but you can also back up specific batches or individual folders and files. Server backup is supported.

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To restore your files you need merely call on the files you require. There’s no need to download and install the entire archive. Though not as pretty as some of the other services we’ve looked at here – think Windows XP menu structure – the console approach of the FastHosts service will appeal to plenty of business users looking for a good value and flexible archiving option. You can buy different amounts of storage per month to reflect your burgeoning archive needs and switch to the better value annual plans as and when you wish.

A particularly compelling feature is the ability to restore a whole PC, so if you lose access to an server or desktop computer, a fresh OS can be installed (Windows, Linux or Mac) and the whole PC and its contents reinstated.

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FastHosts Online Backup: Specs

  • Internest connection, FastHosts backup account