DataInherit Silver Safe full review

Both an online data safe and digital last will and testament, DataInherit is a unique proposition.

For $8.25 a month (€69 per year) DataInherit Silver Safe allows you to store an unlimited cache of passwords, and up to 5GB of data.

The $16.50 a month Gold Safe offers 25GB. But that's not all: DataInherit invites you to sketch out what will happen to your digital world after you die. Name a digital executor, and bequeth items to individuals, and you can relax knowing that your files and passwords will pass on to a better place.

When the time comes, your named person contacts DataInherit with a code you've given them. If DataInherit cannot locate you in a specified time, they get the keys to the safe.

As befits such a sensitive product, the level of customisation is profound. In DataInherit Silver Safe you can add up to six beneficiaries, and choose to contact them via email, phone or post. DataInherit will contact three of your executors by courier. You can even write them a message from beyond the grave, telling them you're an ex person, and how to claim their inheritance: 'Hi mate. Good news and bad news...'

The intuitive web-based interface of DataInherit Silver Safe makes data storage a cinch. There are a couple of minor quibbles: folders must be zipped before you can upload them, and cannot exceed 300MB. This makes uploading more of a chore than it needs to be, although you can highlight and upload multiple files simultaneously.

The Password Manager is also simple to use - input the relevant username, password and URL, or let DataInherit Silver Safe generate secure passwords for you. You can also access this service via an iPhone app.

A password manager is a good idea, but the usual caveat applies: put your passwords in one place and they are only as secure as your DataInherit key, so divulge that to no-one.

DataInherit Silver Safe uses heavy-duty cryptographic standards such as AES-256 and RSA-2048, and secures data across multiple data centres in seperate locations in Switzerland. And it doesn't store your login - if you lose that you lose the contents of your safe, unless you have printed out and filled in a Login Recovery Code form, as you are prompted to do.

Potential beneficiaries require two modes of identification, and are allowed in only after you are dead. While you live, your data should be safe.

It's impossible to test what happens to data after death - there are many things your reviewer will do for PC Advisor, but passing beyond the grave is not one of them. However, DataInherit told PC Advisor that it has had 'thousands' of satisfied customers (with literally no negative feedback, we assume).

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DataInherit Silver Safe: Specs

  • Internet connection and web browser
  • Apple iPhone for iPhone app