For the 17 percent of survey respondents who are BT customers, £20 is the average monthly cost of a broadband subscription. However, since a BT phoneline is required to use ADSL broadband, a more realistic figure for this and the broadband service combined is £25.

Around 8 percent of BT users recoup call costs by making use of the VoIP service provided.

BT proved a popular choice with households with Macs as well as PCs, with 14 percent of you using Apple hardware. Most BT households had at least two computers, and the most common connection speed is a steady 5 to 8Mbps. However, 18 percent of BT customers are already enjoying much faster web connections in the form of BT Infinity.

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We got a very mixed bag of comments about the security software that BT provides. Some of you are grateful for the provision of McAfee, but others are very dismissive and prefer to choose their own.
Overall satisfaction with BT’s service comes out at 84.5 percent, with 88 percent very happy with the reliability of the connection, but only 63 percent content with the speed provided. With the likely adoption of BT Infinity by many users in 2011, we expect to see this issue addressed.

Almost half of BT customers have been with the ISP for five years or more – the highest instance of long-term customer loyalty of all the ISPs.

Several readers suggested they believe they are likely to receive faster customer service since BT owns the network that other ISPs lease.

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BT Broadband: Specs

  • BT landline, BT account
  • BT landline, BT account


A particularly tech-savvy bunch using the web for streaming music and TV shows, social networking and online gaming, three-quarters of BT customers make full use of the Wi-Fi on their laptops and nearly half (44 percent) have an iPhone or other web-enabled smartphone.