Brightcove's traditional strength has been in providing internet video services to big outfits such as the New York Times, MTV, and Warner Music, but in February this year the company unveiled Brightcove Personal, opening its doors on its own video site.

The Brightcove service's motto is "Share your videos in style" a claim it backs up through the use of good-looking Flash 8.0 video conversions in a bold and well-designed embeddable player interface.

If you're interested in making money from your video content, you can sign up for a free Brightcove Network account with access to advertising (50/50 split), download sales and rentals using AOL Video distribution (you keep a 70 percent cut), and third-party syndication programs.

You can upload a range of file types via the Brightcove website, or post and transcode content using Brightcove's own Publishpod desktop application. Brightcove Network account holders can use the Publishpod to upload videos of any file size and length.

Using Brightcove's web browser-based interface, our QuickTime test file took just 3 to 4 minutes to upload, and only another 10 minutes to become viewable on the site.

Brightcove has a variety of rich web applications that help you use its service. The Brightcove Console lets you track videos, design custom embeddable player interfaces from templates, and use ActionScript code to embed your player within larger Flash projects.

There's also Brightcove's easy-to-use flash-based online video editor called Aftermix that lets you record directly from your webcam, finesse your own videos, import videos from YouTube and other Brightcove media partners, and use images from Flickr and Facebook.

Brightcove also has a customisable, embeddable web page widget, dubbed the Takeout Box. You can use it to create thumbnail listings to promote a selection of Brightcove videos anywhere on the web.

Brightcove: Specs

  • Internet connection
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Internet connection
  • Adobe Flash Player


Brightcove provides professional video-management tools and has a variety of revenue-sharing programs beyond opt-in advertising.