Got a big music collection fenced in on your PC or Mac? Let it out to play on the Amazon Cloud Music Player, which lets you enjoy your music collection on any PC or Mac connected to the Internet, or on any Android phone or Android tablet. You'll first upload your music files using desktop program Amazon MP3 Uploader for Amazon Cloud Music Player. After that is done, you go to Amazon Cloud Music Player on the Web, and listen to your music there, or if you have an Android device, use the music player app.

Amazon Cloud Music Player is aimed at US users, and is priced in US Dollars. It ought to be useable from the UK. In the terms and conditions Amazon says: "The Service is offered in the United States and we may restrict access from certain locations outside the United States," but in practice any attempt to launch Cloud Player in the UK is met with the message 'For U.S. Customers Only'. For now, at least.

If you happen to be in the States, first download the Amazon MP3 Uploader for your PC or Mac. Then tell it to upload your music, and it uploads it all to Amazon's cloud-based storage service. At that point, you can play any of the music via a browser on the PC or Mac. The browser makes the connection to the cloud, and streams and plays the music to your computer.

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You can also play the music on any Android phone or tablet you have, using a free Android app called Amazon MP3 with Cloud Player. There's no app for iOS devices, though. The Amazon cloud music service is free for up to 5 GB of music files. If you want more than that, you'll have to pay $20 per year, which is certainly no great expense for such a useful service.

Depending on the file types in your music collection, you may run into trouble. Amazon Cloud Music Player works only with mp3 and .m4a files. So if you use Windows Media Audio files (.wma) or another type of music file you're out of luck. If you want to play .wma files, use the Google Cloud Music Player. As with the Amazon cloud music player, you download an app that uploads your file, and visit a Web site to play the music.

Amazon Cloud Music Player: Specs

  • Amazon login, web connection, Android phone or tablet for app
  • Amazon login, web connection, Android phone or tablet for app


Despite a glitch or two, Amazon Cloud Music Player is a nice service. We look forward to it being available in the UK.