Apple iPhone OS 3.0 full review

Offering copy-and-paste, Bluetooth tethering and A2DP - as well as performance improvements and MMS capability - the 250MB Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update is the biggest update yet for the Apple iPhone 3G and first-generation Apple iPhone.

The Apple iPhone OS 3.0 update improves the iPhone experience for both business users and others.

It has been two years coming, but copy-and-paste has finally arrived on the iPhone. It has been implemented well, too: you can copy, cut and paste both text and pictures between first-party and third-party apps. Simply hold down on a single word, tap Select or Select All and alter the highlighted area to fit your desired text.

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Being able to copy and paste pictures means you can now email multiple photos using the standard Mail app, but we find this solution a little unwieldy compared to third-party apps such as Multi-Photo Email.

The other major feature in the iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update is MMS messaging. Previously available only on jailbroken iPhones, Apple has integrated the functionality directly into the Messages app (previously the SMS app).

iPhone 3.0 MMS

Tapping the camera icon next to the message text box brings up the Photo Library, from which you can send pictures and, if you have an iPhone 3G S, video as well. Audio clips can also been sent via MMS from the Voice Memos app, and contacts can be shared from the Phone app. MMS contacts are designed specifically for the iPhone and will only work with handsets running Software Update 3.0 or later.

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