AOC myPlay I2757Fm full review

The striking appearance of AOC's myPlay I2757Fm display is due mainly to its frameless design which lends it a very clean, modern look. If you're considering a multi-monitor setup, then this display is one of the best you will find for keeping the gaps between the displays as narrow as possible. See all: 19-24in display reviews.

The AOC myPlay I2757Fm looks good, but it's made from plastic rather than metal. We won't criticise it too much for this however, as this monitor has plenty to offer in terms of image quality and features. See also: Group test: what's the best display?

You can do away with the base altogether and rest the AOC myPlay I2757Fm's panel directly on the desk if you want a more suitable height for pairing up with a laptop.

It this configuration there's no tilt adjustment available, we found ourselves wanting to tilt it back a little further. A pair of small stereo speakers is built-in to the rear of the AOC myPlay I2757Fm.

You get VGA and a pair of HDMI sockets, one of which also supports Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) for connection to Android mobile phones. Many phones can be connected to an HD display via an HDMI adapter, but these generally require simultaneous connection to a USB port and/or external power supply. An analogue audio input is also included along with a headphone socket.

The AOC myPlay I2757Fm monitor is operated via a row of touch sensitive controls which operate a very large, clear on-screen menu.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the display's excellent 27inch IPS panel which represents a massive step up in quality over the TN-based panels from which most users will be upgrading.

Sadly, you get the standard 1920x1080 resolution but it means that standard HDMI ports can be used rather than Dual-Link DVI or DisplayPort connections which require specific cables and graphics card support.

AOC myPlay I2757Fm: Performance results

We measured 98% coverage of sRGB and colour reproduction is both accurate and uniform across the surface of the screen. Brightness uniformity was acceptable, although our measurements revealed it to be slightly darker in the top left than in the bottom right. However, this is nothing that would be apparent to the casual observer.

Contrast ratios were not as high as some other displays at this price, but the colour fidelity and viewing angles more than make up for this. The i2757Fm performed well in all types of usage scenarios from desktop work to video and gaming.


AOC myPlay I2757Fm: Specs

  • myPlay i2757Fm
  • 27in IPS display
  • native resolution: 1920x1080
  • pixel pitch: 0.311mm pixel
  • response time: 5ms
  • dynamic contrast ratio: 20,000,000:1
  • measured contrast ratio: 660:1
  • measured brightness: 237
  • viewing angles: 178/178
  • 30W/18.7W
  • 622x449x130mm
  • 5.7kg

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