Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.9 full review

Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.9 has an accessible interface, and it comes with a firewall. It's the only free antivirus we tested recently that has a firewall, but in both malware blocking and cleanup, it ranks be­­hind other free antivirus products we tested. Since this testing was completed, Comodo has released version 5.10, which has not yet been tested. See also: Group test: what's the best security software?

Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.9's performance in our real-world tests was acceptable: It blocked 78.6 percent of new malware, slightly above average compared with other free antivirus programs. It partly blocked an additional 21.4 percent of attacks. But Comodo protected poorly against well-known malware. It detected 98.2 percent of zoo samples. Though that may sound like a good score, only two of the nine free antivirus products we tested at the same time performed worse.

Malware cleanup may be Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.9's Achilles' heel: It detected all infections, but it was successful in disabling malware only 80 percent of the time - quite low compared with the top performers. It left behind more malware remnants than any other product, too; it was successful in removing all traces of malware only a third of the time. Download: Comodo Internet Security Premium 2012 v5.9.221665

For the most part, Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.9 had a light impact on PC performance, but it significantly slowed copying of files across the network. Comodo also took its time in scanning files for threats: Its on-demand scanner took 4 minutes, 31 seconds - the third-slowest result of any free antivirus we have tested recently. Meanwhile, the on-access scanner required a staggering 13 minutes, 58 seconds to run, nearly twice as long as the next-slowest product. Although its included firewall makes Comodo Internet Security Premium appear attractive, we'd suggest giving other freebies a look first. Visit: Security Advisor


Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.9: Specs

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP
  • Requirements: 152MB RAM, 400MB hard disk space
  • File Size: 88.86 MB