The latest version of Spyware Doctor offers three-pronged protection for your PC against spyware, combining real-time threat blocking, system scanning and browser infection protection.

Real-time protection is provided by Spyware Doctor 5.5's OnGuard monitor which looks for issues with browser, cookies, files, keyloggers and processes among others.

Bearing in mind that the previous release, Spyware Doctor 5.0, was a ground-up re-write, what's new in Spyware Doctor 5.5?

Outwardly nothing much has changed but under the hood you'll find modest but welcome changes: Spyware Doctor 5.5's memory footprint has been shrunk, its alerts have been moderated to truly reflect the risk detected, there's better rootkit removal, faster real-time reaction times and standardised threat descriptions.

New to Spyware Doctor 5.5 is 'kernel compatibility mode', which allows Spyware Doctor to avoid conflicts with other security products. During setup, this feature is switched on automatically if Spyware Doctor detects a potential conflict, useful since many users will have more than one security package installed.

A minor niggle – online help is still provided via the PC Tools website and not locally, which is a pain. The price is unchanged from before - £29.95. And if you want the version that integrates a very respectable AV package as well, this only adds £10 to the Spyware Doctor 5.5 bill, so no complaints on the value-for-money front.


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