Zombie Dash full review

The controls are straightforward in Zombie Dash: two large buttons for jump and fire sit at either side of the screen, falling naturally under your thumbs. Provided you know your left from your right, you should be okay. (We thought we did; our digits thought otherwise.)

Running is involuntary, with your Zombie Dash character auto-legging it through the city, but it's your job to ensure that he (or she) gets as far as possible, killing zombies (by shooting or jumping on them), dodging birds, leaping over gaps, spikes and other hazards in the road, collecting coins and earning new weapons en route. See Best Android Apps.

Zombie Dash gives you three lives, with one removed for each clash with the undead. Fall over the edge of a cliff and your instant demise is assured.

At the end of each level of Zombie Dash, you're beamed up by a transporter and spat out in the next. See all games reviews.

You start out simply with a shotgun, but can buy new weapons in the Store. The cheapest upgrade is to a M-16A1, setting you back 2,000 coins, while a Bazooka costs 4,000 coins, a Freezer or Lightning Gun 6,000 coins, and a MS-07A Gyan or Jetpack 9,000 coins. Coins are scattered throughout the game for you to collect, and Zombie Dash impresses as one of few Android games not to encourage you to part with real cash for a quick boost to your virtual account.

Once you've bought a gun in the Store it's yours for keeps, but you must select which one to equip before you begin a level - you can't switch weapons mid-game. Our favourites were the M-16A1 machine gun, letting us pepper zombies with bullets, and the Lightning Gun, which destroys anything a metre or so in your path. Truth be told, though, there's no skill necessary with any weapon: you simply fire in the general direction of a zombie or bird and it kicks the bucket.

We had designs on the global scoreboard with the MS-07A Gyan, which lets you mow down obstacles without needing to fire. Touch what are best described as airborne electric screws, however, and you're returned to a shotgun for the remainder of the game.

You can also pick up weapons and extra lives within the game by collecting lucky-dip-style crates labelled with a question mark. You're given only a limited amount of ammo or time for each, however, and must then return to the shotgun or whichever weapon you equipped in the Store.

The 2D graphics are very good, with each level set in one of four colourful, fairly well detailed backdrops, and each with their own zombies to slay.

The looped soundtrack can be switched off, but we found it easier to escape the birds hurtling toward us with an audible squawk notifying us of their presence.

An online scoreboard lets you compete with friends or win a place on the global leaderboard. From here you can also connect with Facebook.

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Zombie Dash: Specs

  • Android 2.0 or later
  • 4.9MB available memory