Tetris Blitz review

Tetris Blitz

Tetris Blitz is the latest edition of the classic block puzzle game from EA and it looks visually stunning. It's a free app on Android.

As the name suggests, Tetris Blitz isn't just a regular version of Tetris. Instead of the simplistic endless nature of the original, Blitz gives you a two minute time limit in which to score as many points as you can.

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Tetris Blitz Frenzy modeBefore you worry about the difficulty of positioning blocks accurately using a touchscreen, Tetris Blitz presents a new way of playing. Instead of rotating and moving each block carefully into place, Blitz shows you a few possible places for your current block to go. You simple tap the one you want or hit the 'cycle' button to show alternative placements.

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This does admittedly remove a lot of the skill and challenge which Tetris is really all about, but since there's a time limit it makes placing blocks quick and suits the fast paced nature of Blitz. It ensures the two minutes is jam packed with action from start to finish. You can enable swipe controls but it's not fast enough to actually score well.

The aim of the game is still to clear lines as quickly as possible and you get a higher score the more you can do at once.

Two big differences compared to a regular game of Tetris are 'Frenzy mode' and power-ups. The first, triggered by clearing enough lines, adds more blocks to the bottom of the grid with gaps. Your blocks are allowed to come apart as it were, filling the gaps causing a combo of line clearing. It's fun but largely down to luck which is unfortunate as it's one of the main ways of scoring.

Tetris Blitz power-ups

Power-ups are another important way of scoring points. You have three slots and must to buy these from a shop which also sells upgrades, bonus spins for the Blitz Bonus and, of course, coins to buy it all with. You can spend real cash but we managed to play the game by just earning coins and gaining bonuses.

Tetris Blitz does have ads if you don't pay £2.99 to have them removed but they only pop-up occasionally so we weren't bothered. If you log-in with Facebook you can play your friends.

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Tetris Blitz: Specs

  • Android 2.1 or later
  • 41MB of storage
  • Android 2.1 or later
  • 41MB of storage


Despite its flaws and overhaul compared to the original Tetris Blitz has that addictive factor which is pivotal for a mobile game. It's fairly easy to avoid paying any real money and score high so it's worth a download.