The original Temple Run offered a simple yet addictive concept: swipe for your life, and use a series of boosts to keep you alive a little longer. With Temple Run 2, Imangi Studios has been able to resurrect the same experience through a more graphically appealing sequel. See also Group test: what's the best Android phone?

As soon as Temple Run 2 is launched, the aesthetic difference is evident. The whole 1998 feel is gone; the entire design is smoother and more vibrant. Edges are far less rigid, and there is a lot more colour going on. See all Android App reviews.

The smoothness extends to the gameplay, from the movement of the character (the way he/she runs, jumps, and so on), to the look of the environment and the experience of running through (or past) it.

The key improvement over the last game is the world/level. While Temple Run provided scenery changes, the game was flat. Imangi has not only added hills and dips, but boosted the experience with side-winding roads and an abundance of extra obstacles, including zip-lines, rivers, and (probably my favourite) the rail cart. Oh, and there’s a bigger monster chasing after you. 

Temple Run 2 review

The Temple Run 2 ‘Store’ is much the same as the original’s, but there is a structural change. Rather than buying power-ups which apply to all characters, you must first select a character, and then upgrade it. Guy Dangerous is the default character, with three others available for purchase with coins earned by playing. Each one has its own special powers.

While playing Temple Run 2, one downside I noticed is the position of the pause button. I understand it is there for quick access to avoid unwanted deaths when requiring an emergency pause, but it does get in the way. I found myself accidentally hitting the button with my palm on numerous occasions. This may be because I use a Galaxy Note II, or due to my grip. Housing it at the top seems ideal, though

Temple Run 2 for Android review

Temple Run 2: Specs

  • Size: 32MB
  • Requires Android: 2.1 and up
  • Size: 32MB
  • Requires Android: 2.1 and up


If Temple Run tickled your fancy, this second instalment will no doubt end up consuming much of your time. It restores the same addictive concept through a much more visually pleasing game.