The Talking Tom Cat app for Android and iPhone gained a cult following. For the uninitiated Tom was a sweet little cat that would not only repeat the phrases spoken into a handset by the user, but also allowed the smartphone owner to beat-up the poor little kitty. Now Outfit7, the developer behind the app, has created a whole host of animated animal friends, including Gina, a friendly baby giraffe. We tested Talking Gina on Android.

Not only will Talking Gina repeat whatever the user says to her (she’ll even suck on helium to make her voice sound even more high-pitched than usual), she can also be looked after by her ‘owner’ by being offered refreshments, everything from strawberries (which she appears to like and subsequently rewards the user with kisses) and ice cream to carrots and water, in a bid to make her happiness level hit 100 percent. Thought bubbles indicate just what Gina would like in terms of food and drink although if you try and feed her something she doesn’t desire, be warned, she just won’t accept it. Once her favourite foods have run out, users will need to play a game with Gina in a bid to unlock some more.

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Gina’s game involves a giraffe-style patty cake in which she decides which of her paws she’s going to hold up and you must tap the screen in the same place, in the style similar to dance-mat games. There are three levels in each round, each a little bit faster than the first. By successfully completing each of the levels you help Talking Gina grow a little bit more from a child to an adult.

In true Talking Tom Cat style you can also play with Gina, and while tickling her belly creates a positive response from the baby giraffe, making her head bounce forward and backwards like a jack-in-the-box or jabbing her in the belly, lowers her happiness levels.

Our only gripe was every time the free version of Talking Gina is launched, users are encourage to download other talking animals in the series, before they can actually play with Gina. But it’s a small price to pay for a free and very cute game.

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Talking Gina the Giraffe: Specs

  • Requires Android 2.1 and up
  • Requires Android 2.1 and up


You can’t help but love this sweet baby giraffe that gives you kisses the happier she is. Your hand eye-co-ordination will certainly be tested in the Talking Gina game, that for free is great value-for money.