Shazam for Android full review

Shazam is a music-recognition service that allows smartphone owners to hold their handset up to music playing and the software will use the device's microphone to identify the track and artists. Initially, when the service was first launched, it required users to call a specific number. However, Shazam has since launched apps for several different platforms including Google Android and iPhone that removes this requirement.

As soon as the app is launched for the first time, the software establishes there's a data connection on your device, so if you're an Android tablet or iPad user without 3G you won't be able to utilise the app. Then you simply press Tagging from the main screen and hold you handset up to music. A graphic on the display will indicate the software is ‘listening' to the track and after 30 seconds the ‘tag' or the name of the track along with the artist and cover artwork.

You are the given the option to listen to a 30 second clip of the track or download the full version through Amazon MP3 on Google Android devices or using iTunes on iPhones.

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Furthermore, you can also share the track on Facebook or Twitter, watch the video via YouTube and, if you're a Spotify premium member, listen to the track in full through the music-streaming service with just one tap.

There's also a My Tags feature that allows you to view all the songs you have identified using Shazam and we love the integration with Facebook that allows you to see tracks that have been tagged by your friends, which is a great way or discovering new music. And if discovering new artists is big on your list of priorities, the consider upgrading the paid-for version, Shazam Encore, which offers recommendations based on the track you tagged.

Shazam also recently rolled-out LyricPlay, a feature that see the lyrics to a track that has been 'tagged', scroll, jump, pop or slide across the screen of their device in real-time while the music is being played. LyricPlay uses lyrics licensed from LyricFind, and to access this feature simply tap the LyricPlay icon located underneath the album art work on a 'tag' to launch the function.  However, it's worth noting LyricPlay is not available for all tracks at present, and if there's no LyricPlay option available then it means the track you've tagged doesn't currently have lyrics available.


Shazam for Android: Specs

  • Google Android device (OS, BlackBerry and some other java-based smartphones also supported)