Are you concerned that when you leave your Google Android smartphone or tablet, someone is snooping through it, whether it's a nosey colleague or your partner looking for incriminating texts? You could put a passcode on your device, but if anyone else cracks the code, then they'll still be able to access the device. However using the redHanded app, you'll be able to capture images using your Google Android device's front-facing camera so see exactly who is using it.

Once the redHanded app has been installed, you'll need to switch on Armed mode, this will ensure the software will take shots using the tablet- or smartphone's camera at pre-defined intervals, which range between one and five seconds, as soon as the device is unlocked.  

These images are then saved to your Android device's gallery in a folder called redHanded and feature a time-stamp so you can not only identify who's been using your device, but also when they got their hands on it. You can also set how many shots are taken as soon as the device has been unlocked, anywhere between five and 15.

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Furthermore, to stop the redHanded app taking photos of yourself when you're unlocking and using your own Android device, there's an option to set an Abort key which ensures you can open the app and enter a four-digit code to stop the camera taking images.

We also love the fact that with redHanded it's possible to switch between standard shooting mode, which takes regular shots, and Capture from Preview that uses the camera's live preview to capture the shot from. This is particularly useful on devices where it's impossible to switch off the shutter sound and would subsequently alert whoever's using your device that they are being watched.

There's also an auto delete that allows you to set a duration that after which the shots captured by redHanded will automatically be deleted.

redHanded: Specs

  • Android: 2.3.3 and up
  • Android: 2.3.3 and up


redHanded is a great value-for-money app that lets you keep an eye on just who's using your Google Android device.