Some items just aren't built for throwing. Glasses, jugs, teapots, plates and vases are all objects that will shatter into a thousand tiny pieces when dropped from a height or slammed into a wall. But isn't that what makes it so much fun?

The Greeks saw the delight that could be found in smashing plates, whether they did so as an irrepressible expression of their joy or because they wanted to show they had money to, erm, smash. The truth is, smashing up stuff is fun. Destruction appeals to the child in us all, although the adult we've become is easily frustrated by the mess left behind. And all those shards - dangerous stuff.

Pot Smash, a free Android puzzle game from Aussie developer MiniMega, can appease our destructive tendencies and offers a great way to kill time. Rather than throwing a priceless antique at the wall, you can obliterate an endless supply of colourful teapots, vases and jugs at the tap of a finger, entirely guilt-free. You don't even need to lift your arm and throw (not a good idea, unless you're buying a new phone anyway). See Best Android Apps.

If you simply need to get it all out your system, Pot Smash offers Zen Smash mode. A shelf scrolls continuously across the screen like a conveyor belt, tempting you with deliciously fragile pottery of all sizes, shapes and colours. The only thing limiting how many pots you can smash is how fast your fingers are able to jab at them. The game supports multitouch but, even so, it'll take a skilled player to total the lot.

Pot Smash's seven other modes are designed to engage your brain, challenging you to complete educational tasks to eliminate the virtual pottery. There's something of a contradiction in each exercise, with destruction not usually associated with the ability to think first. Seriously, if we'd thought about it, would we really have thrown our mum's favourite vase at the wall? See Android Advisor.

The game is nevertheless bags of fun to play, and the challenges are perhaps what make it so addictive. A memory game asks you to remember certain items, for example, then smash only those objects onscreen. The pots change each time, so it's surprisingly difficult to complete. A match-three challenge is significantly easier on the mind.

Then there are the calculation, typing and wordsearch levels, in which the pots are painted with a letter or number. Here, you'll need to smash pots in the correct order to spell out three- or four-letter words, enter the corresponding letter into an onscreen keyboard to take out each pot, annihilate numbered pots in ascending order, or break only those pots with a combined value of 11.

Pot Smash offers various awards in each level. Although some users will have no difficulty in completing the Potty Mouth award, achievable by entering certain four-letter words, we expect those same people will have slightly more trouble winning the Smarty Pants award, in which you must make a three-letter word containing a Q. The Word Wizard may also fox these foul-mouthed souls, awarded when you score higher than 50 in the three-letter challenge without making a mistake. Even the most placid pot smashers will be able to win Curious (you must read the 'about' page) and Social Smasher (you must post a score to Facebook) awards, and hints are available if you need them.

Pot Smash: Specs

  • Android 2.2 or later
  • 9.9MB storage
  • Android 2.2 or later
  • 9.9MB storage


Pot Smash offers all the fun of a Greek restaurant, but without the mess. It appeals to our destructive nature, and keeps us entertained with mathematical challenges. A great timewaster.