There are tons of cool pool apps out there and most of them are pretty basic. You play pool against the computer or against a friend and that's it. Which is all well and good… verging on fun. What's different about Pool Mania is that it doesn't let you do that, instead is has a cool arcade mode, that is set out in an Angry Birds fashion. Visit New Star Soccer for Android review.

Each level will give you a certain amount of balls to pot and the set up of the balls gets harder the further you progress. Like Angry Birds, Pool Mania rates your attempts out of three stars - the less shots you take, the more stars you get. See also Top ten Android apps.

The Arcade section of the app boasts five stages of 15 levels. So the app has plenty of legs and won't be completed in five minutes like some other games, which is always a bonus. See also: Best Android Apps

Pool Mania Pool Mania for Android

Pool Mania has two other main sections, Practice and Challenge. Practice is boring and just want it sounds like, practice. There's no real aim, you're just potting balls… zzzzz. See also Group test: what's the best Android phone?

Challenge is a lot more fun. It's pretty similar to Arcade mode, as in the balls will be set up for you and their positioning will get harder and harder the further you go. The difference is that in Challenge mode, you're against the clock. Which oddly focuses the mind and improves your play.

The game's control are about a simple and as close to perfect as you can get for a pool app. It's broken down into three parts. First up is aim; next is where you strike the cue-ball to generate spin; finally is power. That's it. Beautifully simple and works brilliantly. The one tiny flaw is that aiming can be a little tricky on a small screen, but that just makes the challenge even greater.

Pool mania is a great little app. It's lightweight, fun and can be played for two minutes or two hours. However, the two game modes are very same-y and once you get bored of them, there is little else the app offers. Some sort of Mosconi Cup competition mode or inter-phone two player mode would be most welcomed.

That said, it's still a good app, that's easy to pick up and will keep you entertained for long periods of time. What more could you want from a free app?

Pool Mania: Specs

  • Size: 4.8MB
  • REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.1 and up
  • Size: 4.8MB
  • REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.1 and up


Pool Mania is a good app if you're looking for something fun, easy to pick up and challenging. It's Challenge and Arcade mode will hold your attention for long periods of time and you get a good sense of achievement when you pass a level. What more could you want from a free app?