Photo Grid full review

Photo Grid is a free Android tablet and smartphone app that lets you create beautiful collages from your favourite photos. It's simple to use, and can even output in a size suitable for Instagram

To begin using Photo Grid, simply launch the app and choose the Grid option. Free, Single, High and Wide buttons offer various artistic arrangements for your snaps. Next, browse to the image(s) on your device using Photo Grid's file manager, and tap to select up to nine photos. Tap Create to arrange the collage. See Best Android apps.

Photo Grid 1  Photo Grid 2

You can leave the collage as it is, or shake the handset to see how your images look split across a different template. Alternatively, tap the button at the bottom-right to select your preferred template. The middle-bottom button resizes the canvas for Instagram, while the bottom-left lets you toggle between portrait and landscape designs. Photo Grid works fast to make your changes, so you're not left hanging around. 

An edit icon at the top of the screen lets you swap frames, move, zoom and rotate your images, add a background or apply a sketch effect to individual snaps. An undo button at the top left allows you to go back a step to reverse any unwanted changes. All changes to your original images are non-destructive - Photo Grid won't overwrite your irreplaceable photos. 

Photo Grid 3  Photo Grid 4

If you're happy with the collage, a Save option allows you to store the finished creation for later use. Such collages might make an eye-catching wallpaper for your smartphone or tablet, or an interesting cover photo for your Facebook profile, for example. You can also share the collage via Bluetooth, email, Facebook, SMS or Picasa (more options may be available depending on what apps you have installed on your device).

A Settings menu, available from the main screen, allows you to switch between Jpeg and PNG save formats, and opt to output images in Normal, Good or Large size. 

Photo Grid is an incredibly simple app for creating good-looking collages from your images. Although the results are largely dependent on the quality of your original snaps, we found it could jazz up even a selection of pretty boring photos.


Photo Grid: Specs

  • Android 1.6 or later
  • 3.2MB storage