NQ Mobile Security full review

NQ Mobile Security is a smartphone-only app that performed decently at malware defence. It comes with a widget that sits wherever you wish on your screen, but often as not appears over the key you need on the handset’s onscreen keyboard. Visit all Security Software reviews.

Once the app activates it performs a ‘fast scan’ for viruses and trojans. This goes through your installed apps and provides a ‘safe’ star rating for each of them. See also Top ten Android apps.

Interestingly, the Android version of the BBC’s iPlayer app got only 3.5 stars while Dropbox and Daily Mail Online both had a 4.5 verdict. See also: Group test: what's the best Android antivirus?

NQ Mobile Security is primed with deadly malware-hunting capabilities: it scored above 90 percent when checking for threats in 18 out of our 19 categories it was pitted against. The remaining result – for Exploit.Lotoor – foxed many of the other solid malware scanners we recently tested too. NQ got a creditable 65 to 90 percent score in detecting this malware strain.

Its device location pinpointed our handset to the exact house within 15 seconds. A neat option lets you set a passcode up to 10 digits long, then choose a phone number of a trusted friend to be alerted when someone takes your phone and replaces its SIM card. It can back up or restore your contacts too.

We liked NQ Mobile’s optimisation tools. A fuel gauge indicates how much storage is available on the phone, lists running apps and then closes any that aren’t actively being used. An App Manager screen provides a security overview where you can have NQ diagnose and quarantine any apps that are suspect.

Finally, the Privacy Advisor lists which apps can access your contacts list (QR Droid and Twitter, in our case), track your location, access your messages and read details of your IMSI and IMEI numbers identifying your handset. Luckily, each had 4 star+ safety ratings.

NQ Mobile Security review


NQ Mobile Security: Specs

  • Size: 2.9MB
  • Requires Android: 2.0 and up