MapMyRun+ for Android full review

MapMyRun+ is a runner's dream. It records your pace, distance, calories burned and then as the name suggests, maps your route for you. Not only that, but the app offers good social integration and also a nifty calorie counter too for those who are serious about their health. Running enthusiasts would be crazy not to install the free app. See also Top ten Android apps.

What's probably most impressive about the app - other than it being free - is how easy it is to use. Simply turn it on at the start of your run and then turn it off when you finish your run. That's all you need to do and providing you remember to take your smartphone with you, MapMyRun+ will record every little thing about your run; ready for you to analyse once you've caught your breath. See Stick Cricket for Android review.

The app uses your smartphone's GPS and google maps to record where and how far/fast you went. The second you have completed your run it will tell you everything you need to know about your run; time, distance, pace, minutes per mile/kilometre, elevation, calories burnt and the route you took so accurately you can see exactly where you crossed the road. It really is impressive.

It's not just a one trick pony of an app either, it offers another couple of add-ons for those who really want to get the maximum from their runs. One of these is a pretty good calorie counter, that automatically includes and subtracts your days run.

Another clever additional feature is the integrated social media that comes with MapMyRun+. You can link it with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can broadcast your latest time/route to all your virtual friends with the click of a button. Not only that, but you can also add MapMyRun+ app friends - this will update automatically so you can see how your buddies are getting on with their runs.

If you're training for a marathon (or something else suicidal in terms of required training times) and are a little concerned about battery usage after running an app for lengthy periods, then there isn't too much to worry about. Yes it will drain the battery quicker than normal phone usage, but when used it in testing for 45 minute runs at a time, we experienced no more than 15% battery loss on our Sony Xperia S.

To sum up, it's a pretty perfect app for people who run. It's free to download and comes with every feature (and then some more) you could think of. The one gripe I had with the app, is that it forced me to go to the website to check out how fast i ran each individual mile/kilometre, it would have been nice if this feature was available in the app itself.


MapMyRun+ for Android: Specs

  • Requires Android 2.1 and up
  • Size: 5.5MB