It's worth noting that ITVPlayer for Android also requires Adobe Air 2.6 or above before the app can be launched on your Android tablet or Android phone which can also be downloaded from the Android Market for free. Users are prompted to do this.

Furthermore, upon launching ITVPlayer for Android for the first time, an email address has to be entered, which ITV will then send messages regarding news and offers from the TV channel.

The user can select a show from ITV’s Don’t Miss collection, which is displayed in the top half of the app window. Alternatively, users can browse programmes by the channel they were first broadcast on, search for a specific show or trawl an A-Z list of all programmes on offer.

To watch a programme, simply tap the icon and playback will begin. The time-bar at the bottom of the screen allows users to skip to a specific point in the programme, while little blue markers indicate where ad breaks are. However, in a surprising move the ads have been removed and viewers don’t need to sit through them - unlike ITVPlayer's online service.

ITVPlayer for Android

We liked the fact that if a programme contains strong language, you’ll be issued with a warning and asked to hit continue if you still want to watch the show. Obviously smoothness f playback will depend upon your net connection, but we had no problems watching an episode of Celebrity Juice.

Shows are only watchable when using a wireless connection, so if you’re using a data connection, you won’t be able to view programmes using the app, which will keep your mobile bill down but can be frustrating if there’s no Wi-Fi connection and you’re in the mood for some X Factor.

ITVPlayer for Android: Specs

  • Catch-up TV app for Google Android device, requires Google Android 2.2 or above and Adobe Air 2.6 or above
  • Catch-up TV app for Google Android device, requires Google Android 2.2 or above and Adobe Air 2.6 or above


ITVPlayer for Android offers an easy way to catch-up with previously broadcast programmes from your Google Android tablet or smartphone, and the removal of ads get a massive thumbs up from us.