If you're looking for an alternative way to keep in touch with your friends and family then HeyTell could be the app you've been wanting for.

Instead of having to type out lengthy texts or WhatsApp messages, HeyTell will record your voice and send it over your data connection to one of your contacts for free (if you have unlimited data).

At the minute HeyTell is only available for Android and iPhone users, but the developers are an ambitious bunch and our sources tell us that HeyTell is currently developing the app for BlackBerry also.

Using HeyTell

Once you've downloaded and installed HeyTell, using the app is very simple. I downloaded the app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and all I had to do to set up my account was enter my name and mobile phone number. The one downside was trying to find which of your friends are on already on HeyTell, as other messaging apps like WhatsApp automatically search and display which of your friends are using the app. The fact that you have to individually invite each of your contacts to become your HeyTell friend, means that unless you're a little bit psycho and you laboriously invite your entire tablet's contacts to become your HeyTell friend, you are not going to be exactly sure who is using the app. Hopefully this is something that will be changed in future upgrades.

HeyTellOnce you've got over the hurdle of finding out which of your friends are on HeyTell, using the walkie-talkie themed app is easy and fun. You simply click on the contact you want to talk too and touch the 'Hold and Speak' button until you have finished saying your walkie-talkie message. Be careful though, as this app is lightening fast and once you take depress the button, your audio clip starts sending and will be with its recipient in a matter of seconds.

Receiving a message is a piece of cake too, HeyTell will automatically sound an alert once a message is received and you simply have to press play to hear it. To compare it to WhatsApp one last time; it would be nice if HeyTell would inform you once a message had been received and listened too, but alas, it doesn't.

After using the app for a little while I've come to love it. The audio quality is pretty good (considering what actual walkie-talkie's sound like) and it really pulls its weight when you're in a foreign country and you want to talk to someone over a free Wi-Fi rather than a costly roaming tariff - or you don't want to go through the excruciatingly awkward experience that is Skype. The only downside of using HeyTell is that you feel a bit of a wally using it in an office, but other than that it's great fun.


HeyTell is a great free app if your looking for a quick and easy way of talking to your friends without having to type out each message.