You could be head of languages at Language University For The Exceptionally Lingual and still not be able to speak as many languages as free 3.3MB Android app Google Translate for Android does.

Input works in two ways; you can either type in what you want to say (compatible with 63 languages) or vocally dictate what you want to say (compatible with 17 languages). The Google Translate for Android app will then beaver away on the internet for a couple of seconds and return with your translation - this can be displayed in text form for all of the 63 language, alternatively you can listen to the translation, if the language you chose is one of the 14 the app speaks. See also: Best Android Apps.

Google Translate Google Translate Android app review

The really clever feature of the Google Translate for Android app is 'Conversation Mode', this is where it uses your Android's built-in voice control and allows you to speak to another person by taking it in turns to talk into the tablet. This feature is only limited by your Android's ability to recognise your voice commands and vocal input. However, it worked for us reasonably well for us at a basic level. See also Best iPhone apps

Google Translate Android app Translate Android app review

The Google Translate for Android app has a couple more clever features up its sleeve. Speaking from the perspective of a man who can't understand a single word of Chinese, or understand the slightest squiggle that's not part of the Roman Alphabet for that matter. The phonetic spelling out of non-western words is a bit of a life-saver. Another handy little add-on is the ability to make your translated text big and bold - this makes it easy to show the person you are trying to communicate with what you want to say. 

We used this app on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and in terms of ease-of-use, the app is first class. Everything is clean and easy to find. Toggling between languages and inputing words to translate is quick and responsive to the touch and couldn't be simpler to operate. All-in-all Google Translate for Android is a quality app to have in your tablet's arsenal, download it now!


Google Translate is a top free app that is a must if you're visiting a country where you don't speak the language. The only downside is that you need a web connection for it to work.