Gets to the Exit for Android is one of those mobile games: simple, cutesy, and fiendishly addictive. The premise is straightforward: you have to make sure that members of the Gets Tribe escape from Yetis, Robo Frogs, nasty spikes, lava and other sorts of horridness. You do so by guiding each member of the Gets tribe to the exit of the island they are on, by manipulating that world. You have to make sure the Gets get to the Exit - geddit? I'll get my coat...

So far so standard. There are plenty of games for Android phone and Android tablet that fantasy worlds, saving cute creatures, and the like. Fortunately, Gets to the Exit passes the test of being compelling. As simple as it is, you'll want to keep playing. And every time you are complicit in the death of a member of the Gets tribe, its plainitive cries will make a small part of you die too.

Well, maybe not, but your cold dead heart will feel momentarily sad. In short, although these are heady games with which to compare Gets to the Exit, it has the feel of a Cut the Rope, or even - whisper it - Angry Birds. (There's also an iPhone version of Gets to the Exit, reviewed here..) See also: Best Android Apps.

Gets to the Exit: Tutorial World

We also liked the extensive and helpful Tutorial World with which the game commences. You learn what can and can’t be moved, and what will kill you in Gets to the Exit, helpfully pointed out by hints and tips on the game's surface. Unusually for a game tutorial, its fun, too. Although we could have lived without having to complete it, we found ourselves lingering over the learning process. Once you have completed the Tutorial World you can move on to Happy Hills. You then have to complete that level before tackling Frosty Mountain and Rusty Gears respectively (coincidentally the World names are three of several pen names I toyed with). In total there are 55 levels in the game - not bad value for 69p.

Gets to the Exit: Tutorial World

Each level consists of navigating a series of vertical pillars of earth in order to get your guys to the exit. You don't control them, just the world around them using the touch interface. And unlike the Tutorial World, once you are in the game proper you have to save multiple tribesmen, so even once you work out the puzzle you still must keep  your wits about you to keep on rescuing those men.

Gets to the Exit: solving Worlds

In solving Worlds you encounter bouncy platforms, passages platforms, molten hot lava, and all manner of gribblies sent to try you. If your Gets tribesman is on top of a grass covered platform, he is fine. But should he land on some spikes, you're in trouble. And so is he. The little blighter refuses to stay still, too, so you must raise and lower the platforms as he roams, guiding him the door by which he can leave. As well as landing on spikes, you have to prevent him walking into lava, and being eaten or squashed.

Gets to the Exit

And all the time his mates are coming out of the entrance, requiring you to show the same care for them as you did the first Getsman - which often requires you to undo actions you have undertaken in order to save the first guy. At times it's like playing a church organ, or attempting to keep multiple plates spinning: deal with one thing, and you have no time feel satisfied, as another crises looms. It's tough, I tell you.

In other levels you have to precisely set the height of the platforms, and then sit back and watch your work unfold. In any case, you have to save 75 percent or more of your Gets in order to move on. This is satisfying, although obviously less compelling than the multi-tasking levels.

There are 16 different types of interactive platform with which to shift about your Gets, as well as nine enemy bosses to avoid. There are multiple routes to solve each world in Gets to the Exit, so even when you have completed a level you might fancy trying it again. You may also wish to replay it in order to save more of your tribesmen. The more tribesmen you save, the more stars you get. And achieving stars is why we do it, am I right?

Gets to the Exit: star rating

Gets to the Exit: Twhat else is there to say?

Gets to the Exit looks great on our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, although it is a very simple design. It has plenty of colour and the graphics suit the simplistic nature of the gameplay. The music is, well, quirky games music. You think it is adding nothing, until you try to play the game in silence. It suits the game, but you'll want to wear headphones if you are playing Gets to the Exit on the bus.

Down sides? playing on our tab we found that sliding up platforms from the bottom of the screen sometimes meant we brought up the onscreen keyboard or task manager bar, which made us lose Gets. And if you can put that down to our clumsiness, there is no excuse for the way that at times the game moved the platform we had been previously been moving, rather than the current item of interest. This may have been a fault with our device, but it certainly made the game tip over from addictive to irritating.

Gets to the Exit: Specs

  • REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.2 and up
  • REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.2 and up


Addictive, quirky and at a price you are unlikely to miss. Gets to the Exit is everything a good casual mobile game should be. Whether you play it for a few hours, or several months, your 69p will be well spent.