Most smartphones have sizable screens these days, and Embiggen lets you use all of those pixels for displaying messages in very large type.

In some situations you can’t use your voice to communicate. You might be in a noisy environment, such as a bar or club, or in a location where you need to be quiet, like a movie theater. With Embiggen, you just launch the app, quickly type whatever you’re trying to say to someone else, and tap Go.

The app then shows your text on the screen in the largest possible font size that ensures everything still fits on one screen. It intelligently breaks the message into different lines and resizes each line individually. For example, when I typed “I think this works,” the screen displayed “I think this” on one line, and “works” on the next line in much larger type.

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I got that result when I held the device in landscape mode; when I held the phone upright in portrait mode, the display changed, producing a line break after each word. The app never breaks a word in the middle--it works hard to make your message readable at a distance.

You can type more than one sentence at a time, too. In that case, Embiggen shows the first sentence and waits for you to tap on the screen, then switches over to the next sentence. Text always displays in white type over a black background; you can make it appear with a smooth zoom-in animation.

Embiggen: Specs

  • Android 2.1 and up
  • Android 2.1 and up


You might not need Embiggen every day, but it can certainly come in handy once in a while.