Drawing Pad falls somewhere between the sophistication of Sketchbook Pro and the simplicity of the Griffin Crayola app. A freebie for Android users, it’s about freehand drawing rather than colouring in, but has a number of scalable ‘sticker’ designs and a selection of virtual paper backgrounds that you can use. The stickers make good use of the pinch to zoom support found in Android tablets – it’s easy to pull and stretch them and rotate them. Confusingly, items appear at the top left and are then moved and manipulated at will. A few times we thought we hadn’t dropped in a new jellyfish or crustacean, only to find them lying on top of each other. Dozens and dozens of stickers are included, making it easy to build up a picture.

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You can also select various decorative elements such as stars and bubbles and create streams of them. In this respect, Drawing Pad is more like a papercraft or scrapbooking app rather than a drawing one. We were rather pleased with some of the results given the unpromising interface that we were initially presented with when launching this app.

As with Crayola’s ColorStudio app for iPhone users, you get a selection of pens, highlighters and pencils with which to draw freehand. There are around 50 shades on offer when using pencil, felt-tip pen or crayon; more if you use a paintbrush since, unlike the other implements, you also get to choose one of four brush sizes. Weight and pressure are not supported, but there are at least three eraser size options.

One thing we would have liked to have seen in this app is the ability to import images. You can save them to your Android Gallery as well as to the Album within Drawing Pad itself. It’s also possible to share your artwork on Picasa or over Bluetooth, Gmail or another email client, as well as to save it to SD card. Press the USB thumb drive icon to save and bring up the Share menu. Choosing an option brings up your contacts list and instantly shares or sends it. Importing an emailed image revealed a creditable 2.7MB file had been created.


Text support and layer preservation are both missing from Drawing Pad, but there’s certainly plenty of scope for getting creative with what’s here.