Cut the Rope: Time Travel review

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Zeptolab has brought back Om Nom for the latest instalment of Cut the Rope. Read our Cut the Rope: Time Travel review to find out more.

The premise of this Cut the Rope game is that Om Nom, the lovable green monster, follows his tasty sweet as is gets sucked into a time machine. Each set of levels is set in a different time period complete with one of Om Nom's ancestors from that particular age. See all app reviews.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel looks and plays just well as the other titles in the series. It's free on Android (with ads) but you can pay 62p for the HD version. iPhone users will have to pay 69p and iPad users will have to stump up £1.99. See also: Best iPhone and iPad apps.

At launch there are six worlds to play, each with 15 levels to complete. New levels will be added in the future. You start in the middle ages and move through the renaissance, a pirate ship, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and the stone age.Cut the Rope: Time Travel chains

Since one of Om Nom's ancestors in in every level with you, there are two sweets, one for each character. It doesn't matter which sweet goes to which, but levels are typically engineered so that it's pretty obvious where they are supposed to go. As usual, you have to also try and collect three stars on top of feeding each Om Nom.

There are a few new physics and elements to interact with including bombs, ninja stars, chains instead of ropes, portals, rockets and even a button that freezes time. These give Cut the Rope a certain amount of fresh life in what is essentially a tweaked version of the original.

While we enjoyed playing with the new toys, the level difficulty isn't high enough for our liking. Only a handful of levels actually took some brain power to solve. There is, at least, some variety on whether you need good timing or whether to just do things in the right order.

If you do get stuck, which is unlikely, then you can give Om Nom telekinetic powers. Om Nom dons some radical shades and can then move the candy around with his mind (you touching the screen). Using this mode also reveals hidden stars. You can earn tokens for this or buy them from $1.99 for 20 – er, no thanks.

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Cut the Rope Time Travel is another fun game from the series and it's free on Android. The addition of an extra candy and plenty of new game mechanics are both fun. However, the app is let down by a lack of complexity meaning you'll complete it quickly without really being challenged.