Most adults would regard it an insult if you were to suggest they had the mental age of an 11-year-old, but Best Free Addictive Games considers it quite an achievement. Its Brain Age Test Free is a free Android app that claims to calculate the exact age of your brain, based on a few simple tests. Clearly it's a load of nonsense, yet addictive nonetheless. And it could prove rather popular, if you're the sort of person who prides themself on their Wii Fit age.  

We came across Countryboysteveo via the Openfeint leaderboards, whose score of 5,794 points puts his brain age at 2 years, 1 month and 17 days. And Handy Pandy can't have even been born, with 9,001 points scored. Performance is said to improve with training, and I did lose some eight years in 10 minutes. My best score at the time of writing was a comparatively poor 1,100 points, making me 11 years, 2 months and 19 days old. That'll come as a surprise to my mum - who knows what she was up to in the maternity ward some 17.5 years earlier.

Best Free Addictive Games attempts to encourage you in a rather odd way, suggesting that you should email in a picture of yourself because 'they just have to see one who actually did it!!!'. Yeah, we didn't do that… But while the accuracy of its results is debatable, Brain Age Test Free gives your brain more of a workout than you might expect. Although the app is very basic, with each level following the same theme, the difficulty level rapidly increases.

Several circles flash up onscreen displaying various values, then go red after a couple of seconds. You must tap on each in ascending order, and are allowed three attempts to get it right. A paid-for version of the Android phone and Android tablet app allows you to extend the time allowed or number of attempts, suggesting money can buy you intelligence. We'd like to see a bit more variation in the tests.

Things get confusing once you hit double-digits and the screen becomes crowded with circles. You'll need a photographic memory to go far in Brain Age Test Free.

The app records your progress, with each score plotted on a timeline. It's interesting to see just how quickly you can improve your 'brain age'.

A training module lets you practice your skills, yet it differs to the test mode only in the fact that your brain age isn't calculated when you stumble.

A recent update added to Brain Age Test Free's permissions the ability to read your phone state and identity, which the developer claims is required by its ad network. This isn't an uncommon request by Android apps, but worth bearing in mind before you install. Check out PC Advisor's Best Android Apps page for more advice.

Brain Age Test Free: Specs

  • Android 2.1 or later
  • 2MB available storage
  • Android 2.1 or later
  • 2MB available storage


Brain Age Test Free is not an accurate test of your mental age or ability, but it can give the old grey cells a workout. It's surprisingly addictive, too, although more variation is required to keep us interested.