Battery life is the Achilles heel of many full featured smartphones and tablets. It's all very well being able to do pretty much everything, but it's not much use if you can't rely on the device for more than a few hours a day.

The BitDefender Power Tune-Up Android app claims to help with this issue, and help it does - but don't expect miracles. The key benefit of Power Tune-Up's Battery Saver is that it allows you deep levels of customisation. You can request notifications when the battery is draining, or put your device into low power settings during the nighttime hours, or even when the battery is below 30 percent charged. See also: Best Android Apps

You can also select from a long list of Device Options, switching off or on functions such as haptic feedback, Bluetooth, and mobile network traffic. These are functions you can access elsewhere on your device, but here they are all in one place, and as you make changes a time meter at the top of the screen tells you how long it feels your device will now last without charge, because of the changes you made.

Oddly, within the Custom options in 'Battery Saver', you can also see what apps are using RAM, as well as how much RAM is in use, and how much of your CPU is being utilised, by which apps. This is all useful stuff in a free app, and it is beautifully designed to be easy to use and intuitive, with a touch-enabled scrollwheel at the top of the screen letting you circle through the options. But bear in mind that Android has a pretty good task manager all of its own that lets you close down apps to save on battery life.

Save storage space on Android smartphones and tablets

The next top-level option in BitDefender Power Tune-Up is 'Analyze'. Here you can schedule a cache cleaner, and analyze and clean up your smartphone or tablet's onboard storage, or expansion card (should it exist). Hit Analyze and the app will scan your device, showing you how much space can be saved by cleaning up the data.

On our well-used Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 we were told that we could save up to 677.12MB on the onboard storage, and 44.82MB on our SD card. This was an intriguing result, to say the least. Not because BitDefender Power Tune-Up was able to clean up to 677MB of the 2.5GB in use on our 16GB device - more than a quarter of the total storage in use. No, the thing that surprised us was the SD card result: to the best of our knowledge the Galaxy Tab 10.1 hasn't got an SD card slot, and we are certain that we haven't added one in! It's possible that the Galaxy Tab has an internal SD card of some description, but it's an odd result, alright.

Cleanup disk spaceWe hit 'Clean all' and BitDefender Power Tune-Up set about removing digital filth from our device. The process lasted a few short seconds, and then Power Tune-Up was proud to tell us it had managed to clean 324.34MB from our storage. Great. Although running exactly the same analysis process immediately after told us that Power Tune-Up could now clean 352.80MB from the onboard storage (and the same 44 meg from the 'SD card'), to the app's credit it then claimed to remove only 0.2MB during the ensuing clean up operation. Our PC, meanwhile, claimed to be able to see 10.8GB of useable data, where prior to the clean up it could see only 10.5MB. So the disk cleanup had indeed cleared space, which is a pretty handy feature for a free app.

Android data meter

The Data Meter allows you to set your tarrif's cellular data limit, and the date at which it is reset. You can schedule warnings as you get near the limit, or even switch off 3G capability. A graphical representation of how much data you have used is front and centre.

Data meterAs such it is a useful tool, but like much else in BitDefender Power Tune-Up, it's a useful reskinning of capabilities already present in your device. In recognition of this BitDefender places a prominent disclaimer beneath the data meter, saying: "Your carrier's data usage granularity may differ". It's a broad brushstrokes guide, but we suspect your data carrier will already alert you if you get near your limit.

And that's it in terms of functionality. (the fourth option allows you to share your thoughts about the app via Facebook and Twitter. Which is nice.) BitDefender Power Tune-Up offers useful shortcuts and a simple interface that lets you carry out useful tasks on your Android phone or tablet. Which is not bad for a free tool. And we do appreciate the ability to clean up the onboard storage.

BitDefender Power Tune-Up: Specs

  • REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.2 and up
  • REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.2 and up


As with Windows optimsation software, or Android antivirus, so with BitDefender Power Tune-Up. This software won't hurt your device, and provides easy access to useful tools that help preserve your device's battery, and create space on the storage. But don't expect miracles.