HTC One full review

HTC One vs iPhone 5s comparison review

This week saw Apple launch its new flagship smartphone the iPhone 5s. The new iPhone 5s will face stiff competition for consumer's attention from the high-end Android market. One of the most popular Android smartphones around right now is the HTC One - this is the place where we compare the two phone's specs in what we call a HTC One vs iPhone 5s comparison review. See also: iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5S comparison review: what's the difference between iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S?

The easiest place to start here is the price, so that's exactly what we're going to do. The HTC One has been out for several months now and therefore has come down a little in price. You can pick one of these up for around the £500 for the 32GB model, sometimes less, depending on the vendor. The iPhone 5s is a little pricier, with devices starting at £549 for the 16GB models, £629 for the 32GB and £709 for the 64GB. See iPhone 5S release date in UK, specs and features: What’s new in the iPhone 5S.

HTC One vs iPhone 5s comparison review: screen

The HTC One has a 4.7-inch, Super LCD3 capacitive touch screen with 1080 x 1920 pixels which works out at 469 ppi (pixels per inch). The iPhone 5s has a 4-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen, with 640 x 1136 pixels, giving it 326 ppi. Based on specs alone, you'd have to say the HTC One comes up trumps here. See also iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 comparison review.

HTC One vs iPhone 5s comparison review: processor

This is a category that is a little tricky to compare without fully reviewing the new iPhone 5s. Apple says that the combination of its new Apple A7 processor and M7 motion coprocessor makes the iPhone 5s twice as fast as its predecessor in terms of graphics and CPU performance. The new A7 chip is also built on 64 bit architecture and the results of this will also be very interesting to see.

The HTC One on the other hand has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, quad-core, 1.7GHz processor with 2GB DDR2 RAM. It scored incredibly well in our benchmarks, with a top quality score of 34fps in the GLBenchmark HD test and a GeekBench 2 score of 2721 points which puts it amongst the very best we have seen from a smartphone to date. If the Apple A7 and M7 combo is as good as Apple is making it out to be, expect an hands-down iPhone 5s win here. Watch this space.

HTC One vs iPhone 5s comparison review: storage

This one is pretty straightforward; the HTC One comes with two different storage sizes 32GB and 64GB. The iPhone 5s also comes with these storage options too, but also has a 16GB model. It should be noted that many other Android devices come with expandable storage, the HTC One lets itself down here a bit as it does not.

HTC One vs iPhone 5s comparison review

HTC One vs iPhone 5s comparison review: camera

Comparing these two smartphones cameras is tough. Apple maintains that its 8Mp camera with an improved sensor is the best in any smartphone, while HTC One has done away with the megapixel and opted to describe its 4Mp camera as an UltraPixel camera. Neither of which are very impressive on paper.

Having already tested the HTC One's camera we can vouch that the camera is decent enough, although its low pixel count often means there is sometimes noise on the images it takes. On the other hand there is very little to complain about with the previous iPhone 5's camea, and you just know that Apple isn't going to go backwards in terms of picture clarity with its new flagship smartphone. Apple also boasted about its new True Tone flash on the iPhone 5s, a feature that looks genuinely interesting. A definitive winner will be declared once we have review the iPhone 5s, which will happen in the coming days.

HTC One vs iPhone 5s comparison review: battery

Neither phone here is claiming to be heads and shoulders above the market in terms of battery life. From our time with the HTC One we can tell you that it can get through a full day's moderate use easily enough. Apple has said that the iPhone 5s has improved its battery performance too, but it hasn't made a big deal about this, leading us to believe the increased battery life isn't that significant from the iPhone 5's, which would last a day of moderate use too. This is us just guessing though.

HTC One vs iPhone 5s comparison review: connectivity

Both smartphones are 2/3/4G compatible. The iPhone comes with a Lightning connector, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS. The HTC One is the same but with a microUSB slow instead of a Lightning connector with the addition bonus of having a NFC chip and a infrared.

HTC One vs iPhone 5s comparison review: software

There is no point in comparing the HTC's Android OS and the Apple iPhone 5s' iOS, the question is far too big and the answer is just as long. Take a look at What's the best Mobile OS? feature we have done to find out more.

HTC One vs iPhone 5s comparison review

HTC One vs iPhone 5s comparison review: dimensions

The HTC One (137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3 mm) is taller, fatter and wider than the iPhone 5s (123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm), and is also heavier weighing in at 143g compared to the iPhone 5s' 112g.

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