Yumm is a very simple game for Android versions 2.1 or later in which you play a war of nerves with a monster so ugly he's actually rather adorable.

We aren't sure exactly what type of monster Yumm is supposed to be - developer FancyGames Ltd simply refers to him as a "very charming creature". Tickle his belly and the fits of laughter in which he rolls around the screen are charming, yes; stick a finger in his mouth and the menacing look in his eyes as he spits your blood all over the screen is slightly less so. (You can turn off blood in the settings for less gruesome gameplay.)

Although we refer to Yumm as a 'he' in this review, we couldn't decide on his gender. His cackle sounds rather feminine, but he's very competitive, and throws a fair few paddies when you beat him. This game is definitely most enjoyable with your tablet or smartphone's sound turned on.

The aim of the game is simple: put your finger in Yumm's mouth, then remove it just before he clamps down his gnashers and you lose the digit. If you pull away too soon, you lose; too late, you lose. It's pretty difficult to beat Yumm at his own game, and the countdown he offers on his chubby paw offers no useful indication of when he'll take a bite.

The game is set to 'Hard' by default, and we think this is the best way to play. Half the fun of Yumm is in testing how far you can push your nerve, and 'Easy' mode is just a little too simple. We got so involved we're afraid to admit we found ourselves shrieking as Yumm started to close his mouth and we quickly pulled away our finger.

A tally is kept of your score vs Yumm's at the bottom of the screen, and there's a small ad banner at the top left. Yumm works with tablet and smartphone versions of Android, and even on the larger screen of a tablet the fantastic graphics and animation can't be faulted.

You can share Yumm with Facebook or Twitter, and check into Heyzap. The latter is a separate app that you must download; it helps you find and discover new games for your phone, see what your friends are playing, share tips and unlock badges.


It's perhaps Yumm's very simplicity that makes it so much fun, and you can easily lose 20 or 30 minutes to this Android game. Ideal for both adults and kids (provided you turn off the blood), this 'charming' creature's mood swings had us in stitches.