Vevo full review

Vevo is an online music TV channel that lets web users watch thousands of music videos from a multitude of artists for free, and with the firm’s free Android app the videos are delivered straight to your tablet PC or smartphone.

As soon as the Vevo app is launched, you’ll be presented with a selection of videos that are exclusive to the service. To play one of these simply press the play icon, depicted by an arrow in a circle) which is located to the far-right of the screen.

Alternatively, select the Video menu to browse the top videos from Vevo’s selection of 25,000, while the artists menu lets you see the most popular artists of the day.?We loved Vevo’s Playlists feature that allowed us to choose from a collection of different videos compiled by the website, such as past Mercury Music Prize winners. We also thought the quirky Music Map function, that lets you see which videos are currently being played near your current location, was a great way to discover new music. ?There’s also a search function that lets you scour the videos for a specific artists or track, offering suggestions as we typed. As well the original music videos there are also a selection of live performances that can also be viewed

Vevo Signing-up to the service online allow you to create your own playlists of videos and the Vevo app allows you log-in so you can access these playlists from your tablet PC.