SpeedForge 3D for Android is a fun racing game for Google Android smartphones that gives you six different locations in outer space to race through.

The game takes advantage of the accelerometer in the smartphone handset and provides plenty of feedback as you crash into things as you attempt to hurry along. We found ourselves squealing with delight when we first tried SpeedForge 3D for Android out and experienced our first wipeouts. When you smack into something you don't just get the odd knock along the way but a plethora of explosions and a wildly vibrating handset.

Once you've got the hang of things in SpeedForge 3D for Android, the competitive element kicks in. You are effectively in a time trial against other racers and are encouraged to get them off your tail by hurling mines and missiles in their direction. Of course, they are just as likely to try the same trick with you. However, since these aren't real racers in the online gaming sense, their reactions are just that - a shame, given the obvious potential and excitement garnered by the graphics and environment.

SpeedForge 3D for Android lets you choose between three craft - anything with afterburners is good in our book. The game offers much better graphics and vehicle handling than with some games we've tried, although the faster SnapDragon processors and larger-screen Android handsets obviously confer a visual advantage.

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SpeedForge 3D for Android: Specs

  • Game for Google Android smartphone
  • Game for Google Android smartphone


SpeedForge 3D for Android's 3D effects are surprisingly good and we found ourselves getting thoroughly into the action. What's lacking, though is the ability to play against other people. You can charge around the preset scenes at breakneck speed and won't upset the physics engine that handles SpeedForge's graphics. But perhaps like space itself, the world of SpeedForge feels barren and lonely.